OLQH School’s growth and development through the years

1958: School established. Class held in Knights of Columbus hall with 24 students.

1959: Student body: 40 in kindergarten, 27 in first grade.

1960: School moved to new school building (“the pavilion”) near church. Second grade added.

1961: Third grade added.

1962: Addition to church built to house classrooms, cafeteria and music room. Temporary building converted to four classrooms. Fourth and fifth grades added. Enrollment 300.

1963: Sixth and seventh grades added. Early Childhood Center (ECC) opened.

1964: New building opened with ten classrooms, library and administration area. Eighth grade added.

1969: Enrollment 500. ECC enrollment 50.

1971: New church opened; old church converted to gym-auditorium.

1982: Kindergarten expanded to second classroom.

1984–1988: Ten classrooms and computer room added. Third kindergarten added.

1989: ECC enlarged. Gymnasium expanded to enlarge dressing rooms.

1991: ECC relocated to present location (formerly the convent).

1992: Science center with two laboratories constructed.

1997: New building constructed to house eight classrooms for grades 1 through 3.

2001: New fine arts building, cafeteria, third pre-K classroom and new restroom facility built.

OLQH School now...

School enrollment 700. Faculty consists of 31 classroom teachers, principal, elementary school coordinator, middle school coordinator, guidance counselor, director of religious education, director of facilities and student activities, director of development, director of technology, librarian, two physical education teachers vocal/instrumental music teacher, vocal/handbell music teacher, two resource teachers, Spanish teacher, art teacher, speech therapist, computer technician, and aides in pre-kindergarten, kindergarten, special education and library. ECC enrollment 55 with a director and 18 staff members.